Typeface - Pseudonym
TR-Pseudonym is a self initiated project that represents me for self promotion purposes. For this project I have disguised myself as a typeface that I created inside a typographic specimen booklet/poster. The bold and thick letter forms represent my confidence and credibility as a designer, while the serifs represent the side of me that likes to have fun and not take things too seriously. Statements were written that could describe a typeface or a person throughout the booklet. Once the booklet is unfolded into poster form, the statement 'I am just your typeface' with 'face' crossed out is boldly printed on the inside concluding the idea. This project has been featured on the 'Under Consideration - For Print Only' website, and in 'IdN Extra 08: Typo/graphic Poster' edition.

(Big thanks to Aisle6ix Industries for the screen printing).
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Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography